About Us

Oh Hello!

My name is Cath, ex cabin crew mum to two beautiful children. Poppy (7) who is an absolute whirlwind and a serial negotiator, and King Louie (4) who is obsessed with Buzz Lightyear and has us all wrapped round his little finger. I am also a stepmum (despise that word) i like to call it a best mate to our eldest Lucia (15) who is caring, smart and is growing into a beautiful young woman. We live in North Wales with my FIT other half Ricky. We have been together 12 years and yes, i’m still waiting on that ring!


I am so passionate about travel and throughout my life i have been lucky enough to visit some amazing places. Once i had children i knew i couldn’t travel like i used to (i once booked a two week holiday and didn’t return home for six months) not sure i would get away with that now. Can hear Karen from across the road with her judgmental parenting advice, not to mention i will probably have social services at the door for taking the kids out of school and not having the permission to do so.

I still have the travel bug and there is so many places i am yet to visit. I want my family to see the world through their eyes, not just on social media.


With this blog i am hoping to inspire other families to travel, get outdoors and see what the world has to offer. Also it will be an honest blog, there is nothing worse than pretending life is perfect. Some days are a struggle and i will be sharing them as well as are good days. In our house three tantrums a day is a good day.

There are so many places to go and things to do with children that can be affordable, whether that be overseas or a staycation. The UK has so much natural beauty to offer. Also did you know North Wales was voted #4 worlds best regions to visit by Lonely Planet. Yep, I know, only place in the UK to be listed.

Happy Valley, Llandudno

So that’s pretty much it really, little nervous about starting this blog, there is so many out there and how do i make mine different? Just hoping to engage with similar people who share the same passions.

Typical mum trying to wing my way through motherhood, come along for the journey


Throwback to when i could blackmail them to all wear the same. Those days are long gone.

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