The Neon Museum, Las Vegas

Sahara Sign, Neon Boneyard

An absolute must do if you are visiting Las Vegas and looking for something a little different. The Neon Musuem also known as the Neon Boneyard is dedicated to preserving all the old neon signs that where previously used to light up the Las Vegas strip. This isn’t your typical museum and everything is not sitting pretty in specific places. However it is unlike any museum you have probably been too and its in the middle of the Nevada desert.

We booked our tickets online and arrived at the reception at our allotted time. Due to the design of many of these signs you have to experience this museum with a tour guide. This is due to the broken signs, sharp metal and glass. It resembles an actual junkyard only much more quirky and nicer on the eye. In total the tour lasts about 45 minutes and there are charges so check out their website

One of the most popular signs is the Stardust hotel sign. The Stardust became one of the most iconic symbols of Las Vegas and was the first hotel to headline Siegfried & Roy’s tiger act.

On 13th March 2007, the Stardust was imploded. It is soon due to become the Resort World Las Vegas, a multi billion dollar Chinese themed casino. There were hopes this would be completed in 2016 however there have been many setbacks and it is now due to open in 2020. Luckily the boneyard became the new home of this iconic sign and saved it from being destroyed and allows people to still appreciate it.

If you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the strip and fancy something different, i highly recommend this. Its a bit of nostalgia in the desert and Vegas’ very own history. If you go in the evening you will get to see a couple of the old signs lit up.

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